Special Offer, Bundled Starter Package with Continuous SEO support !

Website Systems build custom developed websites, and have all the tools necessary to kick-start your online presence and take advantage of the limitless possibilities by utilising the internet in the best possible way to your advantage.

These Advanced Package and Continuous SEO bundled into a Plan is designed for businesses that wish to constantly improve their online presence and extend their client base. We can guarantee that by utilising our service your website will be ranked at the top of the search engine results. This is the correct approach to online businesses and over time it will ensure more “hits” to your website and ultimately more sales.

Our standard prices for this bundle are $1400 and $280 per month for a standard, Starter Package and Continuous SEO Plan respectively.


However given our current specials on bundle packages you could consider upgrading to the Advanced Package with a SEO, bundle Plan?

Our current specials are, the Starter Package just $1150 (normally $1400) and Continuous SEO Plan for just $200 (normally $280), combined in a bundle with a 6 month minimum agreement bringing the total price for Starter Package and Continuous SEO in a bundle, to only $1350. An additional $30 per month locks in 30 monthly minutes of Hosting and Support.

To see an example of Ultimate Package see online secure store PayPal’s Merchant Gateway Facility, Veliti Online Store.


What is included in $1380 worth of special Starter Package with SEO, bundle Plan?

This special offer includes:

    The Starter Package

  • Custom Design
  • Content Management System
  • Free to have as many pages as you like
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Logo Design
  • JQuery Image Slider that presents your content in a professional, interesting and engaging manner
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Media buttons – Facebook, Google+, Twetter
  • Website Template compatible with IPhone and Android phones
  • Google Analytics
  • Simple Enquiry Form included
  • Affordable price and features upgradable at any time
  • Keyword Submission to Search Engines and Online Directories

Continuous SEO Support

Continuous SEO Support is a Website Systems’s service that over an extended period of time improves your website positioning in Search Engine Listings for a selected set of keywords. These keywords are the lifeline for your online business.

The Continuous SEO support service involves Search Engine Optimisation, your website submission to the most popular search engines and online directories that have some significances and influence in the ranking of your website. We also build back-links to your website and constantly monitor your website performance, to improve results and therefore your rankings with the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing (just to name the few).

How effective is Continuous SEO Support Plan? It is very effective over extended period of time, as the alternative paid advertising is not as cost effective particularly if you recently commenced your business. Paid online advertising is considered to be expensive, and average cost estimates are between $400 and $1000 per month.


The Starter Package with Continuous SEO Plan is excellent value at $1380 and includes the following:

  • Complete Website
  • Continuous SEO Plan included the first month
  • Hosting and Support to start your Plan for the first month


Note: $30 for hosting and support includes 30 minutes of support per month. If not used, it can be accumulated for up to six months.

To start with a new professional website development and to free up your time to, focus on what you really do best, deposit 50% of the $1380 (just $690). We will start with your website immediately.

As you will find our prices are very competitive, and as this is a once only promotional price, this is a fantastic deal that should not be missed!


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