A complete website solution with an Advance Package

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Would you consider the Advanced Package for your online presence?

Advanced Package is a complete solution for Online Business and a very popular package with enhanced features. Unless you have unusual needs for your online presence, this is a complete package providing all all the latest features and options. In addition to what you get in a Starter Package the Advanced Package also provides Media Buttons for better engagement with clients, a Newsletter subscription, the ability to send Newsletters, the ability to send Newsletters, the ability to monitor who is visiting your site with Google Analytics and many more features.

The Advanced Package is truly a great product for your online presence while providing user rich experience and lot of features. Updating and maintaining your website is also effortless with the Content Management System (CMS).


    The Advanced Package includes:

  • Custom Design
  • Content Management System
  • As many additional pages as you like
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Logo Design
  • JQuery Image Slider that presents your content in a professional, interesting and engaging manner
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Media buttons – Facebook, Google+, Twetter
  • Website Template compatible with IPhone and Android phones
  • Google Analytics
  • Simple Enquiry Form included
  • Newsletter
  • An affordable price and features upgradable at any time
  • Keyword Submission to Search Engines and Online Directories

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