How Do We Do It?

The process is simple. There are just five simple steps.

1. On a request for a website development or any other service that we provide, we meet with you in person to discuss your need requirements for the project. This ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

2. As soon as we receive 50% deposit we can start immediately on your website development.

Website Systems starts with the service or development once the proposal is accepted, and as soon as the complete material for the building of the website has been received.

3. Please collect the information about your domain and AU password for hosting transfer to be ready to transfer to the domain when your new website is ready to “go live”.

Your website can stay where it is at the moment until your new website is developed and you are completely happy with it.

4. We have several reviews before your site goes live. We will meet to discuss specific details that you have concerns with or need explanation of, if any.

5. We can also use your current website and recreate another one from it on our local machine, then I will meet with you to show the progress and get feedback from you.

Registering Your Domain Name

Domain Name and hosting service registration can be organised by Website Systems. In this case, we need the client’s info and registered ABN number in order to complete the domain name and hosting service with a chosen ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Privacy Policy

Please, read our Privacy Policy that is included on this website.

Contract Agreement

Once the offer and the terms have been accepted as stated in the Proposal, we will send the Website System’s deposit bank account details.

Terms of Payment

Terms of payment are 14 days once the website has been completed and accepted by you the client.


Custom Coding

Scripting and plugin development for your website


Website support with two hours every month

Email Marketing

Product promotion with email template

Online Presence

Promote your business online with your website